American Honey


Campaign: How To Be Social

Launched by Wild Turkey as a way to bring more people into the world of bourbon, American Honey was searching for an ownable voice and distinct personality that would breakthrough in a category dominated by big spenders like Jack Daniels and Jim Beam.

The brand honed in on a group of millennials knows as “Nowists”. People who valued real moments and experiences more than social media “currency”. Breaking free of their digital leashes is important to them.

American Honey took up the rally cry for people to get off their phones and live in the moment, but we had to ask ourselves- In a digital age, do consumers even remember how to truly be social?

Beginning with an innovative, animated video series, American Honey gave consumers step-by-step instructions on How to be social in the digital age.

Since, ironically, marketing efforts were focused on reaching people in the very place we were trying to get them away from (social media), we needed a high volume, quick turn content strategy that would deliver our message through a humorous tone, timely context and a sweet slap of reality.